Why You Need A Dash Cam Now

Technology has brought us many features for our vehicles. Some are for convenience and some are for safety. Even some are just for fun. One of the latest gadgets that is all 3 is the dash cam. Chances are you have seen dash cam footage on Youtube or Facebook. The camera records road activity from the dash or front windshield vantage point. There are also dash cams that record the activity behind the vehicle. With video being the most credible evidence available, this affordable purchase should be considered. These are the many reasons to buy a dash cam now…

It Will Pay For Itself

The first thing drivers think about when buying a dash cam, is the footage that can be viewed in case of an accident. In any type of collision, this footage can determine fault most of the time. The technology is so advanced that if you add a monitoring service, the video of the accident can be sent to your phone before police even finish taking the report! Our customers have shared their experiences and the dash cam has changed the police report entirely! This security of having proof will save you money in the case of a collision. And remember, if you do not have a dash cam but the other vehicle does, it should be reported to the police and insurance as soon as possible so you may get a copy. 

Dash cams come in MANY different models with different quality of video ranges, added features, etc. The prices can be well under $100 for a basic cam and don’t go up much more for the more extensive models. Besides saving you money after a collision that wasn’t your fault, many insurance providers are offering discounts on premiums if you have a dash cam. This small investment will definitely pay for itself. 

And Even More Security

One added feature in some dash cam models is ‘parking mode’. Has your car ever been hit while at the store but no one left a note? This feature will almost eliminate that mystery by turning into a surveillance camera! 

And insurance fraudsters beware! Dash cams are revealing these crimes by having proof of faked injuries as the scam happens! 

Even MORE Reason

Besides providing peace of mind, fun can be had because the cameras can be used to record your family road trips or motorcycle treks. You will have great video of towns, sites, and beautiful countryside recorded for memories. 

With all of these great reasons, the dash cam should be the next device purchase for your vehicle, your teenager’s vehicle, and any other loved ones.