What You Should Know BEFORE An Accident

We are covering frequently asked questions with various topics here on the blog. This month we are giving you the answers to what you should know before an accident.

I had a wreck and my car is inoperable, where does it go when the shop isn’t open?

Wrecks are already not planned, but even more, they can happen on the weekend or at night. If your vehicle is unable to be driven, you will need to have it towed. The reputable towing service will tow your vehicle to their storage lot. Once you contact us, we will then send our towing service to pick up your auto and bring it to the shop during operating hours. It is important you either have a tow company you trust or use the company the police suggest at the time of the accident. Do not agree to towing operators who just show up on the scene. And when calling around, establish tow and storage rates with any other fees. NOW is the time to ask friends for their recommendations for a towing company and keep the contact information handy in your wallet.

How bad does a wreck have to be to total a car?

It depends on a lot of factors. Insurance companies vary from state to state with their evaluation procedures and with their percentages set for loss. As the best example, we will use the state of Oklahoma. If your insurance provider calculates the repair costs to equal more than 60% of its value, chances are they will ‘total’ the vehicle. The national average is around 70-78%. Consult with your provider about your policy and their practice. Also, please remember not all damage may be seen. We have seen animals, that run out on the road unexpectedly, cause enough damage to ‘total’ vehicles.

Will my warranty be void with my new car after an accident?

A warranty is only voided when a vehicle has been declared a totaled loss and given a salvage title.

Should I file a claim or pay for it myself?

There are many things to be considered before deciding. First, is this a one auto accident or more? If there are more vehicles than your own and you are at fault, it is always best to make a claim. This will cover you in the event of injury and damages that others have suffered. If it is only your vehicle, however, depending on the cost of damage vs the cost of deductible, a small ding might be better coming from your pocket and saving on future premium hikes. We will be happy to discuss your options when you bring it in for an estimate!

When is my deductible due?

The deductible is due to our shop usually once the damage is fixed and the vehicle is ready for pick up.


If the unfortunate does happen, we are to help!