What To Do In Case Of An Accident

Unfortunately accidents happen. Whether it is a new or seasoned driver, knowing what to do in case of that accident is important. Here are the steps to take after an accident has occurred.

Evaluate Situation

Both serious and minor accidents are jolting. The first thing to do is to collect yourself to remain calm. Once calm, check yourself for injury. If you are badly injured or have a passenger with significant injuries, a call to 9-1-1 should be made.

There are many accidents that don’t result in serious injuries. In this case, the next step is turn off your car if still running. Then, if you are able to exit your vehicle, do so, in order to move to a safer location. The goal is to move to a sidewalk, grass, etc. that will get you out of the unsafe vehicle and out of the way of dangerous traffic.

Once you are in a safe area, look around and take note of your location. This information is needed when you call the police and make the accident report.

Exchange Information

When more than one vehicle is involved, drivers need to exchange information. This information includes full name, age, driver license #, license plate #, insurance provider and policy #. Also, be sure to write down the year, make, model, and color of the vehicle for further identification. Contact information such as address, phone number and email address should also be exchanged. Also, ask the police where a copy of the accident report can be obtained. All of this information will make it easier when dealing with insurance providers and/or legal counsel.

Gather Documentation

Lastly, documenting the scene and details of the accident are crucial. Thankfully with today’s technology, recording is simple with our phones. Pictures and video will assist insurance companies in processing the claim.

Take photos and/or video of the entire scene, including any points of reference such as buildings or street names. Then move in closer to the damage with photos, but do so carefully, if in traffic.

Some times, individuals who witnessed the accident will stop to assist in the situation. Take down good contact information for these witnesses in case their recollection of the event is needed in the future.

Doing these things will help if an unfortunate accident happens and assist in making the process of the claim much smoother. Freeman Collision will then be there for further help with assistance in car rental, processing of claim and repair of your vehicle.