The Steps You Must Take After Hitting A Parked Vehicle

The majority of hit-and-run accidents involve a parked vehicle. And over 60% of those happen in parking lots. You may have been a victim of this type of accident and discovered the damage once you returned to your car. This is the fear of any driver, returning to a damaged car with no idea what happened or who is responsible. Being a victim in the situation can ruin anyone’s day but what if you are the one who hit the parked vehicle? There are actions you must take to protect yourself in this situation. 

Attempt Finding Owner/Driver Of Other Vehicle

Accidents happen! Even with many years of driving experience, a mishap could result in hitting a parked car. The first thought is to move your vehicle. Any accident is disappointing and stressful, but the first thing to do is collect yourself and take photos of the area of contact AND scene. This will protect you from claims of damage that was not caused by you. Once you have taken photos, you may move your car to a safe spot. 

The next thought is to write a note with an apology and contact information. It’s a parked vehicle, what else can you do? This is a next step, but not only your next step. To avoid hit and run, you must attempt to locate the owner/driver of the vehicle you hit. 

It may be as simple as going back into a party and finding the person or it may be as difficult as happening at the mall. In every situation though, you must try to find that driver. It is best to wait for the driver to return to their vehicle. Document the time you wait by entering a start time in your phone and end time. After a considerable waiting period that your schedule allows, leave a note, then go back into the business where you are parked. Ask for help with employees in locating the driver. There may be an audio system to announce the vehicle or an employee that recognizes the vehicle belonging to another employee. The steps you take in finding that driver must also be entered on your phone, further protecting yourself against a hit-and-run charge. 

The Note

After a good time in waiting for the owner of the vehicle you hit, it is advised to write out a note to be left on the vehicle. Unfortunately, you are at fault, so you know any note admits this. Because you are being honest in informing the vehicle’s driver, you should also protect yourself including the steps you took once you hit their car. You may be the most honest person in this situation and must protect yourself with any false claims. Include your contact information in the note with name, email address, and your insurance provider’s name and number. Also, mention you have photos of scene and damage. Finally, include the time you waited and specific steps you will take in trying to find them in the store, restaurant, business, etc. you were at. 

Ask For Video

Before leaving the location, inquire with business if there is video that can be shared of the accident. Ask for the business owner’s contact information so you can ask for a copy of the video. Any video will be helpful in protecting yourself hopefully showing the point of contact. 

Contact Your Insurance

It is in your best interest to be quick in contacting your insurance provider when you have had an accident. This couldn’t be more true when the accident involves a parked vehicle. The more documentation you have, the better in avoiding hit and run charges. Many insurance providers can be reached 7 days a week and with extended daily hours, so attempt to contact them the same day of accident. 

Liability insurance is required in the state of Oklahoma so that coverage should be adequate for the claim. Advise your agent of the make and model of the vehicle and send photos of damage. This will help to evaluate if you have enough coverage. 

And if you were unable to locate the owner/driver of the vehicle, provide as much information as possible to insurance provider such as tag #, time of day, location, for when the owner does contact your provider. 

Finally, your last step is to give us a call and we will repair any damage. We work closely with all insurance providers assisting in a smooth process.