Fun Oklahoma Weekend Drives

The weather has warmed up and it’s time to hit the road. Whether this is the best time because kids are out of school or you and that special person want to get away, Oklahoma has some great sights and destinations for a weekend trip. Here are some fun Oklahoma weekend drives to fill up your summer.

Unusual Attractions

Load up the car and get ready to see some unusual attractions in our great state. Oklahoma is known for its many beautiful lakes, but what if you’ve seen them all? Well then it’s time to drive to the center of the universe! That’s right, Oklahoma boasts an attraction, in downtown Tulsa, named The Center of the Universe. The spot is an acoustic anomaly that reverberates the voice no matter the direction. When you go, look for a concrete spot marking the area and be sure to check-in on social media so people will wonder where exactly you are!

Some other attractions you more than likely can’t find anywhere else are artistic creations. In Chelsea, Oklahoma, there is a park that houses many totem polls, including the world’s largest. These totem polls, all created by their owner, are adorned with many details of art. A fantastic sight!

Also, a husband takes art in a fun direction for his wife who loves gardening. This special site is in Nowata, Oklahoma and is decorated with many sculptures created with bowling balls and pins. This is something you don’t see every day!

For The View

Perhaps you just want to see the prettiest nature Oklahoma has to offer. A calming drive for just the drive can be a perfect day trip, getting away from the stresses of life.

Along the crest of Rich Mountain and Winding Star Mountain, in the Ouachita National Forest, is The Talimena Scenic Byway. The USDA National Forest Scenic Byway Program established the Talimena because of the popularity of driving for pleasure, so it’s perfect for an Oklahoma drive! Although 54 total miles are included, some of those are in Arkansas. Even if you decide to stay only in Oklahoma, this short drive can last almost a day if you explore all the turnouts and stop at the designated vistas, which are the most incredible in the state!

And for a bit longer drive, is an 84 mile stretch that follows Highway 10 to Highway 412. Designated in 2008, The Cherokee Hills Cultural Byway highlights the Illinois River and towering bluffs.

Unique Food Spots

When driving, you will always get an appetite! Oklahoma has some great spots that are perfect for your weekend drives.

With a background setting of a town from the Old West, Sipkoni West is located in Reagan, Oklahoma. Only opened Thursday through Saturday, this spot is a great stop on your weekend destination list. Created as a movie set, the location has several buildings that are similar to life in the 1880s. And for the kicker, The Lost Spur Cafe serves up homemade comfort food!

Also for the foodies, Stillwater is the location for a restaurant that is a truely unique experience. Tokyo Pot is a Shabu-Shabu style place that provides hotpots where diners cook their own meats and vegetables at their tables. How’s that for unique?

Whether you want to see unusual attractions, experience unique dining, or just drive around in beautiful settings, Oklahoma has a great weekend for you, just a short drive away!