Be Road Trip Ready This Summer

Summer is the time for vacation. Road trips are a fun way to see all of the sights on your way to your destination, so now it’s time to be road trip ready. Making sure your vehicle is equipped with the right supplies and operating at its best will provide for the smoothest of travel.

Vehicle Check

A complete check of your vehicle to be road trip ready goes beyond filling the gas tank. This is the time to take your vehicle in and have systems checked to avoid any trouble on the road. If you haven’t had a recent oil change, this is a good place to start. A full service oil change is ideal as it will include oil change, filter replacement, topping off of fluids such as windshield wiper and coolant, a check of vehicle light operation, lubrication of chassis if necessary, inspection of belts, hoses, steering, suspension, undercarriage, skid plates, and a test of the battery.

Also important, is a thorough check of your tires, including the spare. Proper inflation will help to avoid flat tires and dangerous blowouts. Be sure to look at walls and tread for wear or bulges, replacing if needed.

Finally, have your brakes looked at if you haven’t had them checked in the past year.

Supplies To Pack

Once you have your vehicle operationally ready for the trip, it’s time to equip with traveling supplies.

First, purchase a good first aid kit. Next, you will want to pack a flashlight, a blanket, a chain or towing rope, screw drivers and wrenches that fit vehicle parts, bungee cords, charging cables, pliers and a hammer. These will help in case of unplanned trouble. Also, water and snacks come in handy not only for emergency but in heavy traffic.

Safe Driving

Planning your route ahead of time is the best way to schedule fuel and overnight stops. A GPS navigation will help with this.

Safely arriving at your destination is most important, so remember to pull over when tired. A good rule is never to drive more miles in a day that you have in the past. And you might think speeding will help you with time, but it will not help with your vehicle’s operation, putting it in stress. A steady pace is better.

When you are ready to pack, refer to your vehicle’s manual for maximum load weight. And lastly, try to pack luggage in the trunk vs on top, whenever possible, this helps with air flow and fuel use.

For the safest driving at night we are running a current special for headlight cleaning and restoration. Give us a call to schedule a time and we will take care of them while you wait.

A little preparation will go a long way when it comes to a road trip. Happy travels!