Avoid Collisions In Bad Winter Weather With These Helpful Tricks

It’s bound to happen…hazardous roads in Oklahoma due to weather conditions. The weathermen suggest to stay home, but what if you have to get to work? Weather related collisions can be some of the most frustrating because insurance carriers largely fault all drivers involved. To avoid a collision due to bad winter weather, try these helpful tricks.

Equipment Check

Vital auto equipment should be checked and problems fixed before winter weather happens. This equipment includes brakes, tires, and wiper blades.

Your tires are very important because they are what connects you to the road. It is suggested the tire tread be at a minimum of 6/32 for less than perfect road conditions. Take your vehicle to the nearest tire shop and they will look at your tires for free to get you a tread measurement.

Next, brakes should be in top performance condition. Although automatic braking systems assist in stopping, they can’t be fully relied upon. But, all brakes will work better if not worn out. So, now is the time to check those brake parts!

Other equipment that should be at their best is wiper blades for increased visibility. Wiper blades should be replaced at least each year, especially if the vehicle spends a large amount of time exposed to the elements.

Finally, make sure headlights are on and not covered by snow, even during the day.

Expert Maneuvers

If you do have to get on the dangerous roads and find yourself in a sliding situation, there are ways to decrease your chances of collision.

For a front skid, it is best to slowly take foot away from the accelerator. Instantly applying the brake will only make the slide worse.

If the back end is sliding, turn into the slide, slightly. With both sliding situations, once the slide has become controlled, that is you have taken back control of the car, then a brake can be applied.


This is Rule #1 that should be taken the most seriously. Stopping time should be doubled to at least 10 seconds. This means not only should you decrease speed, but increase the space between you and the next car. Just remember…the faster you go, the worse the damage could be.

Freemans has been serving the OKC metro for over 50 years and we know Oklahoma weather is unpredictable. We hope these tricks will help you if when that bad weather shows up!