Accident In Other State…What To Know

No one plans on having an accident but it happens. And the reality is there is probability of it happening while we are far from home. Whether it be travel for your work or a family vacation, an accident can happen. Do you know how to prepare or what to do in case of an accident while in another state? 

Have The Right Coverage

When is the last time you have read your insurance policy or discussed it with your agent? It is important to not only know the amounts covered for an accident but the ‘extras’ that may be needed after an accident. These are usually the extras that are trimmed to make the premium lower but definitely help with an accident. 

First, not every accident is a minor ‘fender bender’.  Unfortunately, accidents may cause enough damage to where the vehicle cannot be driven. When that happens, the car will need to be towed to a shop for repairs. Many insurance providers offer towing insurance to protect yourself from a large expense. You will not know the towing service companies out of state like you may know here at home, so this extra coverage will help. 

Next, do you have rental coverage? One cost that can become quite expensive is a rental car while a vehicle is being repaired, this extra coverage helps with that cost! And if you are in a state where you know no one, you will most need a rental to get home. 

State Insurance Minimums

Most of us know what amounts are covered with insurance. This is because our providers inform us of the state minimums for Oklahoma. We then go from there if wanting to increase amounts for physical damage or injury. 

States vary however on these minimums. Some states are higher than others. So, what happens if you are at fault and have an accident in another state and the minimum you have for Oklahoma is not enough in the other state? The good news is our auto insurance works in every state and you are covered. Also, insurance providers have it to where your policy coverage will automatically increase in case of an accident in one of these other states with a higher minimum. This is temporary, of course, but your coverage will be satisfactory in any state. If you are hit by someone while they are out of state, their coverage will also increase, if needed.

Repair While There?

The last thing to consider is leaving your vehicle to be repaired in the other state or having it towed home to your trusted collision shop. Weigh all expenses, including more towing and/or transportation.