4 Gift Ideas For The Car

We drive to work, we drive for fun, and we drive to vacation destinations. No matter the reason for our driving, the most important thing is to be safe. While our vehicles are still evolving with the latest safety features, there are gadgets and accessories that can assist with that safety. Whether it’s for beloved family or the person who has everything, these are 5 gifts that can give that driver some peace of mind. 


Your tires are some of the most important parts of a vehicle and its safety. Some later model vehicles come equipped with TPMS or tire pressure monitoring systems. There are systems that you can purchase an older vehicle. These portable systems connect measuring devices to each tire and then there is a screen that is mounted in car. The display will constantly read pressure of the tires, ensuring the notification of less than ideal conditions. Under and overinflated tires can be dangerous, this gadget will assist in keeping tires safe. Some systems also will show other levels such as temperature or battery voltage so compare your choices. 

Emergency Roadside Kit

There are many different versions of roadside kits out there for choosing. Every vehicle should have a kit for unexpected emergencies. Emergencies can be accidents, car trouble, or even running put of fuel. Every situation should be considered when deciding on a kit. Some come with just first aid and others come with safety accessories. The best option for a gift would combine these features of safety and first aid. Look for a kit that comes with not only bandages but a tool that can break glass or cut a seatbelt quickly. Look for a kit that includes a blanket along with a safety vest. Consider different temperatures, different locations such as highway or rural road. Consider water and mountains. Many of these kits can be found online for easy comparison. 

Phone Mount

Distracted driving is still a huge problem with our phones. One way to keep safety forefront when a mobile phone is needed in our vehicles, is a mount for the dash. No more taking eyes off the road when dropping the phone and searching for it. A mount securely fastens the phone in a spot that can be easily accessible at stopped spots. The navigation system is at a safer view that helps keep eyes on the road. When buying such a mount for loved ones, look for the newer ones that also charge the phone. This gift will show you care for their safety, but also be a favorite because the charging systems can charge up to 40x faster than normal charging. 

Dash Cam

Finally, the next great gift for all those drivers in your life should be a dash cam. We predict this gadget is going to be very popular in 2020, with future numbers increasing because of affordability. Most models are somewhat affordable but the investment is easily justified with the peace of mind that these gadgets bring. One of our past blogs is about the pros of having a dash cam. The cameras are becoming user friendly while also advancing technology to retrieve video. A camera will help with insurance costs and be a priceless account when accidents happen. 

Buy one or buy all of these gadgets this Christmas for your loved ones. A new car is a great gift but a safe car is an even better gift!