Vehicle Springtime Maintenance 

Wintertime affects vehicles. Whether it be the cold temperatures and snow or the strong sun and dry air, certain care is in order to fix winter wear. Here is a vehicle springtime maintenance list covering those areas.

Under The Hood

Your springtime maintenance should begin under the hood, then external check, ending with paint and body.

Because cold temperatures and rubber don’t mix, hoses and belts need to be checked. Hoses need to be looked over for hardening, leaking, cracks, or other visual damage. Check, or have checked, belts for looseness, fraying, or cracking. Also, remove debris from the engine area, such as leaves, pine needles, and road salt. All can block vents and drainage holes.

The cold weather also makes the battery work harder. Signs that it has decreased power are dimming headlights, weaker interior lights and powered components, such as windows, taking longer to go up or down. Make sure that the battery components are also clean and corrosion free.

Air filters should be replaced at this time. The cabin filter, especially, had heavy use with windows closed and heater on. Get it ready and clean for the days when you need air conditioning.

Fluids should be topped off or replaced for clean running. The winter may have run down wiper fluid more than anything else, so be sure to resupply.

External Checks

And with that wiper fluid refill, now is the time to prepare for Spring showers, replacing wiper blades. Blades should be replaced every 6 months. Spring and Fall are the perfect times.

Brakes should be inspected for any corrosion because of salt on roads and the winter weather. Also, anti-lock brakes work harder with slick conditions so make sure they are ready for the rainy months. If the vehicle is pulling to one side while braking or if there is a grinding sound, brakes more than likely need attention.

This is a great time to realign tires that might have hit some bumps or even potholes created by winter storms. Tires that are not aligned or worn unevenly, end up being a costly expense, so maintenance is important.


After washing your vehicle, look over for paint damage. This damage happens with road salt and other debris. Repair is necessary when rusting is a concern.

Next, the car/truck will appreciate a good waxing. This waxing will also help with rain in upcoming months.

Finally, the winter sun, just like in the summer, fades black surfaces. Renew them with a good gloss cleaner, remembering to apply on a cloth first, avoiding product making contact with paint, wheels, or brakes.