Your Vehicle and Oklahoma Hail

When living in Oklahoma, you have to be prepared for many types of weather events. One event is the hail storm. They can occur during the Spring and even in the Fall. And unfortunately, Oklahoma is one of the ten states in the middle of the U.S. where they happen most. So, what to do?

Be Properly Insured

We want to help you prepare for a hail occurrence by being covered with the right insurance. Not all coverage is the same. If you are carrying only liability, hail damage will not be included. The same goes with collision coverage, as it usually only covers accidents with other vehicles or structures.

It is best to also hold comprehensive coverage with your vehicle. Comprehensive will cover hail damage. The good news is hail is considered an ‘act of nature’ and the claim won’t count against you with the insurance provider. Just remember, some companies have separate glass coverage, so make sure, with your provider, that you are protected.

Repair Processes

Sometimes, hail will hit and the protection of a garage is unavailable. If your vehicle is exposed during those times, repairs will be necessary. But, just like hail is different in size, damage is also different. That is why we offer different processes for your vehicle.

Large hail is more infrequent. Thankfully, our method of paintless dent repair will fix those minor dents. If the dents are shallow enough and the paint is not compromised, we can repair with this process of professionally returning the body’s surface.

However, some damage may be too extensive and require our traditional body repair. Larger hail can cause dents that are too deep for mere popping and the paint may be cracked. No matter the severity though, we have the best certified technicians to fix your vehicle!

The Benefit of Quality Repairs

Hail damage, when not repaired, will not only lead to a lower value for your vehicle, but also may lead to further consequential repairs.

If hail damage goes beyond the paint and the metal is exposed long enough to the elements, rust could injure your vehicle beyond the original hail defacing. Timely repairs will avoid unnecessary future damage.

Also, when trading in or selling your vehicle, the valuation is important in making a great deal. Hail dents, when not professionally fixed, will affect a vehicle’s value.

Remember: be prepared and get it repaired. And we are here for you in case you need our services. You can relax knowing your vehicle will be repaired to the highest quality with full warranty.