The Hidden Damage Under A Fender Bender

‘Fender Bender’ is often the term used for minor accidents. There appears to be little damage on the outside of the vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle, spot of impact, and speed, the actual damage could be more than just the body. These are the hidden damages that might be under a fender bender.


Accidents may result with damage beyond the hood or bumper, especially ones with a front end impact. The electrical system could be jarred during this type of accident. This is damage that is not seen, so it is important that everything is inspected and tested. Examples include wires that may have been severed or just even disconnected. The car’s battery system could have resulted in a short which could eventually cause power doors, windows, or antitheft system to malfunction.

Alignment and Frame

The bumpers on most vehicles are designed to provide some protection for the automobile but they don’t guard completely against damage. Underneath your auto is framework for your vehicle, called a frame. This frame can be bent in an accident. Frame inspection and adjustment can be performed when there is damage so the vehicle will operate correctly. This includes air bag deployment.

And along with the frame, alignment may have been affected. A car or truck should always drive straight unless turning.  Any pulling to the left or right must be checked as hidden damage with a fender bender.

Other Mechanical

Other areas that need inspection after a fender bender are transmission, steering, and the engine.

Even a low impact collision can cause damage to driving systems.  AWD autos can have drive shafts get knocked into the transmission because of a front or rear end accident.

Hitting a bump or not missing a pothole can cause damage to steering and suspension. Both should be evaluated after a wreck to make sure any damage is fixed and the car handles properly.

Because engines are complex, each component could affect another. Even minor accidents could jar an engine, loosening these parts.

A vehicle’s operation, handling, and resale are at risk when unnoticed damage is not repaired. With any accident, we hope the repairs are minor, but every time we will make sure of any hidden damage by doing a complete inspection of your vehicle and repairing that damage.