Frequently Asked Questions About Automotive Paint

We are going to cover a few areas here on the blog. These are a few frequently asked questions we get about paint.

My car was in an accident. Will I need it painted?

It depends. There are some minor accidents that may not need paint. If you can run your finger over the paint without any friction or snag, you could go without paint. However, there are other instances where a replacement part needs painting or the damage on an area is one where it needs to be corrected with a process that will require paint after. The goal is to maintain the value in your vehicle, so having our experts repair with paint to where the vehicle appears it wasn’t damaged is our specialty.

Do replacement parts need painting?

Sometimes parts come painted, like bumpers or moldings, but others that come will need paint. But, the parts that come painted might not match your present paint because of natural aging, exposure, or wear. These parts will look better if our experts mix to apply a perfect match. The newer your vehicle, and more protection against the elements, the better chance a replacement part that comes painted, could match the rest of the vehicle.

Can I buy paint from the dealership or factory?

The dealership or factory may have paint but it is meant for the tiniest of touchup jobs. When applied with bigger repairs, the new paint will appear splotchy due to the overall tint of the vehicle changed with time or being exposed to weather. It’s best to have the current paint matched by our state-of-the-art equipment and expertly applied with techniques for seamless matching.

Why is a sealer needed?

The term is misleading. A sealer is actually applied first, before any paint. A sealer is used to help prepare the surface for paint. It creates a more smooth surface, especially needed when bodywork was done. A clear coat is what is last after color applications. It is added to help with shine, protection, and overall uniform appearance.

How long will my paint last on my repaired vehicle?

We guarantee the work of our certified technicians to ensure the application of all paint. There are varying lifetimes of paint appearance however. This is because of the different experiences of each vehicle. The better care for a vehicle with regular waxing will lengthen the life of paint’s appearance. The vehicle who is housed in a garage vs the auto that is not, will have a better appearance for longer. Keeping the vehicle out of the elements, such as harsh sun, will keep the paint nice. It is difficult to put a number on how long paint will last because all autos experience different circumstances and are taken care of differently. The paint’s appearance will last the longest, the better care for the vehicle.

We hope these answers explain the paint process better. If you have any others, please ask us. We are here to help!