Collision Repair Rights

As a consumer, you have certain rights when a collision happens and repairs are performed. These rights can vary from state to state. In the state of Oklahoma, be sure to know your rights when you are in need of repairs for your vehicle. 

Choice of Body Shop

The relationship between you and your collision shop is important. You want to have open communication with the body shop and trust. The time after an accident can be a stressful one, dealing with insurance claims and having your vehicle in the shop. You may be in a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. This upheaval of your normal routine causes the stress. You will need a collision repair shop that will help eliminate that stress by assisting in car rental, towing, and insurance claims. And as your preferred shop, they will communicate everything to you from estimate to claims and parts. This communication will continue until repairs are complete. 

It is YOUR choice which body shop you take your vehicle, that is your right. When contacting your insurance provider, inform them of your body shop choice. If they indicate repairs must be performed by one of their trusted shops, remind them of your right to choose which body shop. 

Quality Parts

Another right you have in the state of Oklahoma is which parts are used for repairs. If you wish to have only original parts, it is your right to request those, if available. It is also your right to use aftermarket parts if you wish, whenever available. As always though, discuss the different options which will best for repair. Most states require auto body repair shops and insurance companies to inform consumers if anything other than OEM parts will be used for a repair. In any case, ask the shop specifically about the quality of parts used when requesting an estimate.

Guaranteed Work

Another claim of insurance companies is when a body shop is used, that is not their preferred shop, parts and labor will not be guaranteed. It is your right to have not only a trusted body shop of your choice, but a body shop that will guarantee its work and the parts. 

No one wants to have an accident where damage is in need of repair. It is time consuming and stressful. But, if an accident happens, gather recommendations from friends and family, then take those suggestions and visit the body shops. Ask questions about the process, get detailed estimates, and inquire what other assistance they give besides collision repair. This  discussion should help you decide which shop is best for you.