3 Reasons Why Minor Bumper Damage Should Not Be Ignored

Minor bumper damage can happen while in traffic or while parking, in your own garage, or at work. It is unexpected, but even if the damage is minor, it should not be ignored.


Bumpers are on vehicles to lessen damage to certain areas of the auto and to increase the safety of the occupants. When minor incidents happen, we are thankful that it was not worse and thankful it wasn’t more expensive. Because the damage is so minor, it is often put aside to address later or not at all. But since the bumpers are in place to protect, even minor damage can harm the integrity of this safety.

Bumpers are built with reinforcements that may include such material as styrofoam. If the material under the bumper is damaged, the next impact could be worse when the original damage is not repaired.

Insurance Claims

Insurance is for when the unexpected happens. That’s why we have it. When the damage is so minor, however, some car owners will consider not filing a claim. Whether it be the headache of handling or in the case of it being one’s fault, and owing a deductible, minor bumper damage is often put on the back burner.

Insurance companies are in place to help us with that unexpected hardship, but they are also in the business of making a profit. It is important to fix minor bumper damage when it happens. If damage is not claimed when it happens and in the case of another claim, the claim will be difficult because the insurance provider will want to deny because of original damage.

Resale Value

Typically, our automobiles are not going to last a lifetime. On average, Americans change vehicles every 6 years.

If you want to trade in your vehicle for the next car or truck, the dealership will inspect your vehicle. The evaluation will consider not only age and model of the vehicle, but its mileage and appearance. The appearance is the most subjective area for a dealership to adjust a value of a vehicle. Beyond the usual upkeep of washing and waxing, any minor bumper damage must be repaired before taking to a dealership. Repaired damage will help your trade-in value!